pass over

pass over
Synonyms and related words:
abalienate, abandon, alien, alienate, allow for, amortize, assign, autopsy, ban, bar, bar out, barter, be blind to, be caught napping, be caught out, be inattentive, be lost, be neglectful, be negligent, be unwary, bear with, bequeath, bestride, blink, blink at, blockade, bypass, canvass, carefully ignore, carry over, cease to be, cease to live, cede, check, check out, check over, check up on, circulate, cold-shoulder, come across with, communicate, condone, confer, connive at, consign, convey, count out, course, cover, cross, cut, cut a corner, cut corners, cut off, debar, decease, deed, deed over, default, deliver, deliver over, demise, depart, depart this life, deport, devolve upon, die, diffuse, disregard, disseminate, distribute, do, dodge, embargo, endure, enfeoff, examine, exchange, exclude, expel, expire, export, extradite, fail, fall, fall asleep, ford, forget, fork over, forward, freeze out, fudge, get ahead of, give, give an examination, give in, give no heed, give out, give over, give title to, gloss over, go, go across, go by, go out, go over, goldbrick, goof off, hand, hand down, hand forward, hand in, hand on, hand out, hand over, hear nothing, ignore, impart, import, inspect, jump, keep out, lapse, leave, leave loose ends, leave out, leave unavenged, leave undone, let alone, let be, let dangle, let go, let it go, let pass, let ride, let slide, let slip, lock out, look at, look over, lose sight of, lose track of, make allowances for, make light of, make over, malinger, measure, metastasize, metathesize, miss, monitor, neglect, negotiate, nod, not attend, not care for, not get involved, not heed, not listen, not notice, not think, observe, omit, ostracize, overhaul, overlook, overpass, overstride, part, pass, pass away, pass by, pass on, pass out, pass over lightly, pass the buck, pass through, pass under review, pass up, patrol, pay no attention, pay no mind, peer at, perambulate, peregrinate, pererrate, perfuse, perish, peruse, ply, pocket the affront, pore over, postmortem, preclude, pretermit, procrastinate, prohibit, put off mortality, quit this world, range, range over, reach, reconnoiter, regard with indulgence, reject, relay, relegate, render, repudiate, resign, return to dust, review, run over, scamp, scan, scour, scour the country, scout, scrutinize, see nothing, sell, send to Coventry, set an examination, settle, settle on, shirk, shoot ahead of, shut out, sign away, sign over, size, size up, skim, skim over, skim the surface, skimp, skip, skip over, slack, sleep, slight, slubber over, slur, slur over, spread, step over, stop breathing, straddle, study, succumb, surrender, survey, sweep, switch, taboo, take, take for granted, take stock of, take the measure, think little of, touch upon, touch upon lightly, track, trade, transfer, transfer property, transfuse, transit, translate, translocate, transmit, transplace, transplant, transpose, travel over, travel through, traverse, trifle, turn over, up and die, voyage, wink at, yield the ghost

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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